Author Topic: A Connecticut Yankee in King Noqufiel's Court  (Read 1850 times)

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A Connecticut Yankee in King Noqufiel's Court
« on: June 29, 2004, 07:19:37 PM »
Monday was another day aimed at finishing Inku'ta. I use the word "aimed" instead of say, "PWN3d" or "Beat Down" because we didn't exactly win.  We did damn good though... Of course that is if you define "damn good" as "not actually winning but getting close"... some people define that as losing and to those people I say "I hate you so very very much".

We started out the glorious evening by practicing the ancient arts of Making Corpses Everywhere and Doing Dumb Things That Get Everyone Killed.

Where's Braun when you need him?

So , right Inku'ta... not dying in Qvic was the goal of the evening...

Awww look at us in our class photo , all bright eyed and bushy tailed. Ready to take on the world and its Stonemites! Such happy campers...

...We came with brand new strategies... Call me crazy.. but I'm going to tell you.. Don't look if you want Inku'ta to be spoiled...


So right with our new strat in hand we went right along brushing our foes[/color][/color] right out of the way.

x2 Was our prize for offing Keledrix. Grats to Nalaynia and Zeblin.

As we trudged through we offed the mites, Zyrrael got a prudy 100hp aug that I didn't take a screenshot for cuz I suck.  Everything was going Peachi and Winkle up through the next uh event (Does it have a name? I'll just call it "Easy Loot Event #2")

Yay Loots!   

We we got to Noq.. we got him to 50%. He will die soon. Sadly soon is not now, or in the next 2 days because of lockouts. So we cry for now.  Cry and eat cookies.. Maybe a truffle or two.. we just don't know. But buck up young reader of this random everquest guildpage! We will prevail!  For tomorrow is .. well tomorrow is Wednesday.. but it is also ANOTHER DAY! or something. I hate myself.

This update brought to you by Elrik's head. "It's glorious and it's large!"
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