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Inktu`Ta Down!
« on: July 02, 2004, 12:41:26 AM »
Before I start this update, I want to take a moment to say farewell to one of our oldest and most respected members.  He is the type of person that you know you've been honored to have played with, and the type of person you can't help but love and respect.

(Written by Bereg)

Halas with it's winter chill,
It's halls of ice and stone;
With flagons of ale, forever filled
The place of birth for Roehm.

He set out to see the world
To seek the riches of the realm,
The smoke from his pipe upward curled,
As he equipped his sword and helm.

Through Kunark and Velious he sallied forth
Through Luclin and the Planes of Power;
Discord's gates, chill as the north
Soon turned the sweet taste sour.

'Here I started, here i'll end',
He said in Halas when he returned,
Messages to friends, he sat and sent
And the news by all was learned.

On a bench he sat in a Halas tavern,
And told his mighty tales,
His voice echoed as if he were in a cavern
As he bought a round of ale.

The bar's regulars listened with wonder
As he spoke of mighty deeds,
Gods they knew, he said he slew
As they sipped their cups of mead.

Alas the tale of Roehm now ends,
Perhaps it may be told again,
If perhaps some day your fortune sends
You back, you'll be welcomed my friend.

Fare thee well, Barbarian Lord;
You brought light into a dark place,
Set down your helm, hang up your sword;
Let a smile play on your face.

In Halas, in the Northern lands,
A Barbarian returns home.
By the fire he sits, warming his hands,
Here ends the tale of Roehm...

Take care, Roehm.  I join the rest of Blades of Wrath when I tell you that you deserve nothing less than the very best in life, and we raise our glasses to you.  We love you man.

Now, the update!

So, Inktu`Ta has been kinda rough on us, but we finally mustered what it took to prevail.  Having been freed from his torment, Noqufiel is sleeping very sound tonight.  And it's all courtesy of Blades of Wrath.

I'm way too tired to get in depth about this, so here you go. :)

More later once I've had a nap!
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