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You have been slain by The Runt!
« on: July 13, 2004, 12:24:37 PM »
Before I get started with this update, a word to the wise... If your guild is off to Inku'ta... do not get the expedition while you are still 30 minutes clearing from the zone in, trust us. So much h8 for random lockouts.

Anyways we headed to the unmasked chapel again this week to off Noq.  After beating him about the head and shoulders with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire , he died. I have to admit that his fight is growing on me.  The first time was agnonizing, but our second attempt was like a well oiled machine... a machine that kills everquest monsters that is.

So here's the after-gang-bang-group-photo. And yes the Ancient Sentinel was the fluffer.  He's very gentle.

So what did offing noq do for us? Oh why it flagged/keyed/fake id'd all the rest of our un-Txevu'd members/recruits! Hooray for 55 some odd people ready to beat up new stuff!

So,Txevu... The big enchilada... ( not to be confused with Tacvi the broken and nonworking Chalupa )

This zone is pretty big. Its got lots of Monsters-That-We-Have-Already-Seen-But-With-New-Names in it. It also has some fun events mixed with run of the mill "Have you flogged this uber mob today?" fights.

After punching a few named guys in the face we managed to see our first farmable GoD Bp drops. Yes, Perum got the first bp , but who got the first one off of a mob that will be seeing alot of BoW in overalls holding pichforks? Grats , Sythrak , Nalaynia , Skaxx! Honorable mention to Nilwean for the first GoD pants. Yes that's right... all of you druids out there on torv looking for someone to worship for their amazing gear... oggle at the purple nilweaner. I envy you...

Next we decided to learn the Mastruq Champ and Ancient Cragbeast Matriarch fights. .. we figured maybe in a few days we'd be showing you screenshots like :


Yes as soon as we learn these events I'm sure they.. wait .. never mind those were real pics. They're dead.  Hmmm so much for learning the events.

So that's about all I have for you now. We'll be back in there tonight I'm sure. I think I only have   two gripes with Gates as an expansion currently. Number one, GoD armor isn't always a clear cut upgrade from PoP gear. Number two.. and here's the big one... STOP USING THE SAME MODELS FOR EVERY FREAKING ZONE.

Once Gates is done may I never zone into another temple filled with small pale elves and Tron Golems ever again.

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