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4 out of 5 Vrex Invokers Agree...
« on: July 28, 2004, 12:24:16 PM »
The High Priest of Txevu is alot like the video for Michael Jackson's "Bad". You can't rumble with   the High Priest until he's gathered up his posse. So we began last night by rolling into his hood and roughing up the place.

He was mad and ready to coordinated dance / fight with our rival gang. But luckily we had already brought it.

Apparently he wasn't bad enough cuz he died. (Of course a rogue got the killshot)  Seriously though, this fight was a hell of a thing. Any guild that has done this realizes how much of an accomplishment this is and how happy we were when he went down. It only took us 3 tries at this guy, but that does not diminish the difficulty of this event. We tried alot of funky strategies and ideas, but finally found a combination that worked.

Triumphant BoW has beat the High Priest but failed to all face forwards when asked to take a group photo!

Of course beating this small pale elf means we finally get the key to the door we've really wanted to open in Txevu.

But of course we've been busy busy elsewhere in Gates when we're not beating up high priests of whatever religion:

We killed a Queen...

We killed an Ukun...

..and a Noqufiel

An all and all eventful set of weeks for Blades. Hope y'all enjoyed the update. See ya around.
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