Author Topic: Txevu safe for 5 days!  (Read 2197 times)

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Txevu safe for 5 days!
« on: August 04, 2004, 11:19:40 AM »
As Foglor said in last night's brief update; Zun'Muram Tkarish Zyk is sleeping with the fishes.  For anyone that hasn't done this fight yet... it's actually alot of fun.  Kinda sucks not being able to actually hit him with anything other than unresistable procs, but hey!

4 drops on a GoD boss!  I almost couldn't believe it myself.  Gratz Rampagious and Sythrak on the bugged shards for the BiC quest  Gratz Rampagious on Cape of Woven Steel, Perum on , Zycrynn on [url=]Spiked Steel Baton, and Brisnic on Aegis of Discord

And now for the meat of this update:

Man, I don't miss that about the rogue days at all, but our rogues did it without a peep.

And now for a taste of things to come!

Nice work by EVERYONE on this, and we'll have some Tacvi updates soon!
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