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Tacvi on 5 dollars a day
« on: August 30, 2004, 08:04:10 AM »
Dare I say it? Risk not slamming Sony Online Entertainment in an update? Not having something bad to say?

Am I bold enough?

Tacvi is actually a pretty awesome zone.

Ok there I said it. Yeah you heard me. Now that the place doesn't crash like a ak'anon clockwork running windows 95, it's a pretty damn good zone....and well we've been taking in quite a bit of l'atmosphère.

After offing Madame Goat, we turned out attention on Madame Snake. Apparently in the Muram army, women protect the vastly inferior men. I'm hip to that. Its the 2000's.

After a couple of these:

Including an awesome one to 0 percent health ( which apparently isn't a win. I'll check with an old college math professor when I get the chance about 0% = 0 )
We finally got one of these:

I wasn't actually there for this kill but apparently she dropped this:

So when you are a sizable force of adventurers out in a temple to a false god killing the leaders of an alien invading army and you've killed the alien-goats and alien-snakes.. what do you do? Well, obviously you go kill the alien-albino-aliens.

Yist Vohr talks alot of junk. This is contradictory to him being dead.  I guess when you are an albino two headed zenomorph you get confused easily.

"Oops I didn't mean 'Come now, fools, enter my chamber and learn the meaning of suffering from one bred to destroy and conquer." What I SAID was "Come now FRIENDS, enter my chamber and learn the meaning of HAPPINESS from one bred to PLAY NINTENDO and GET YOU SNACKS."

He was kind enough to drop some good stuff for le bard Rampagious and for le necro.. Wait? Whats that? Oh that's right. Blades doesn't HAVE a necro! hmm wait.. that hasn't been a problem? In all of Gates? hmm Wonder if this bothers necros... Oh well!

So if any of you have been to eqmaps and looked at the tacvi map you'll quickly see that its set up kinda like one of those "Choose your own adventure books"

(and if you dont know what those are please read a book)

So much like everyone else that reads those books , we skipped back to see what would have happened if we had chosen "ATTACK ZUN'MURAM KVXE PIRIK? TURN TO PAGE 37"

Yay! We won again. Reading is fun!

Grats to Sythrak and Winkle on their very-awesome-stats-but-look-like-Bastion-of-Thunder Weapons!

"Hi my name is Sythrak and I'll be your waiter for this evening. I suggest you try the pate its very smooth made from goose and High Elf"

So at this point we had two paths begging us to go stare down the man behind the curtain.

Kelletia took this beauty:

A fine submission for Final Photos if I do say so myself.

Well that about brings this to a close.. Since most of these kills we've also killed the goat again. First kills are exhilarating, second kills are the real proof of skill.

Let's see.. last words about Tacvi... Done well. We're enjoying it now that Miss Goat isn't a cockblocker.. Hopefully we'll see The Update version soon ( you know what I mean :) )  Until then.. anyone wanna p1mp my r1d3?
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