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Cruella DeVille ain't got nothing...
« on: October 25, 2004, 01:24:40 PM »
So we've finally started taking bites out of Omens of War and we've found that it is like a desert at a very fancy restaurant... very tasty, but alas, a very small portion. To begin this update, let's recap what we had to do to get into Tacvi shall we?

  • Trial 1 - 4 Sewers (entire guild), 1 group at a time
  • Vxed (entire guild) , alot at a time ( HEHE DRAGZ FOR FLAGZ )
  • Tipt (entire guild), 1 group at a time
  • 1 Person through Trials 7,8, and 9
  • 1 Person finish all Kod'Taz tasks
  • Ikkinz 1,2,3 ( Technically just need 1 person since nerf )
  • Ikkinz 4 for entire guild
  • Learn and Beat Uqua ( a few times to get everyone flagged )
  • Inku'ta learned and completed ( probably the most fun portion of this progression )
  • Champ fight in Txevu for key to High Priest
  • High Priest for key to Tkarish Zyk
  • Zun'Muram Tkarish Zyk killed

Now lets compare to Omens:

  • Raid Trials of Munat Muram 1 - 6 for 85% of guild
  • 7 signet camps for entire guild ( 1 group at a time )
GRATS Anguish! Oh you better not be tired...

...and honestly I don't know if I'm complaining. As I'm sure you've read on other guild sites the trials are fun! It was a blast learning the PVP , Simon Says, and Feran Puppy Madness doubt. But I can't help but feel like it wasn't a huge deal to get into the final zone. I think we all feel a little like Cestus Dei's current update. Great content but maybe a bit to easy?

Well anyways so lets talk about our accomplishments in omens so far. I'm proud to announce that just about everyone and their grandmother have epic 1.5's... uh Shimeral, Sagnus, Shamroc, Skaxx, Winkle, Arakias, myself, Tabbran, Zyrrael to name a few have got shiny new pretty pointy things. The epics are nice ( It really pretties up my inventory! ) and we've become pretty good at cranking out the epic fights... even if the bard and ranger fights are at least a notch more ... hmm annoying? ( "hard" just can't apply to any of the 1.5 events ).

We've also been beating up stuff in the most gaudy zone in all of EQ currently, Riftseeker's Santuary. (Ues Neriak you lost your position. Blacklights and Neon Signs just don't compare to l33t directx 9.0b reflective shiny bullshit applied to Every. Fucking. Surface. In. The. Zone.)

Killed the Queen.. Got very nice but mostly forgettable loot. Was a decent fight... but a little too easy much like the rest of omens.  Almost not worth mentioning , but we also killed the 2 retarded puppy bosses of RSS as well...

So yeah Anguish access. The Trials in MPG were a blast and much like alot of the other guilds now with the key to anguish we were stuck for a bit on the Trial of Hate. Boy what a fun trial. After alot of strategies discussions ( ie "Trains of puppies onto raid bad m'kay? )  we finally beat it.  I'm obviously not going to give out any solutions to this fight, but I will say that DJ Greg and Rampagious got the MVP trophies of the evening. Luckily I did take one really good screen of the trial:

As you can see the trick to this trial is all about the piano and keeping the window closed.

But if you play chopsticks just right you end up getting this nice little message:

...and you end up with one of these...

Then you have a collective freakout because only 2 people in the entire giild (read: officers ) have finished their signet quest. So friday,saturday, and sunday that's basically all we did. Signets weren't that bad in the end. Thanks to some lucky ...let's say... occurrences and alot a old fashioned camping, most of the guild has their signets and we're just about prepped for hitting anguish.

I think I've rambled on enough for this update. I'll leave you with a little bit of wisdom from yours truly.

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