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Recruiting again...
« on: November 27, 2004, 02:21:44 PM »
Blades of Wrath is once again recruiting.  Here's the skinny from Rampagious:

Looking for players who have the time to commit toward Omens of War Completion.

Players will be considered and accepted on a case by case basis. Considering the current strains of EQ2/wow etc we will be back flagging/farming the whole of GoD for prep to re-enter omens. We may go as far back as PoTime. Back flags are TBA.

Raid schedule typically 7pm-11/12pm est mond tues thurs fri and 5pm-11/12est sunday, with wendsday/saturday off. You will be expected to keep up a decent attendance.

If you have the time to contribute, and the desire to accomplish the UNpossible contact me or Kelletia in game.

Do not come to me without the time to play or with some previous engagement. Apply now and be ready or do not apply at all.

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