Author Topic: BoW: Scarier then a fucking dragon!  (Read 2054 times)

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BoW: Scarier then a fucking dragon!
« on: February 17, 2005, 11:17:57 PM »

So its Wednesday, a day off for Blades. Course, usually we still raid and Ramp decided to get together a few groups to go off after the Lavastorm dragon. Group up, buff up, pull, engage, dragon runs after Sagnus whips out the angry inch. Well, of course we can't leave it at that. Thursday we go after his ass again, this time the raid wasn't bugged and it let us go inside his lair. Please view example A: pussy dragon in his lair.

With Cthulluu bravely leading on the charge, the dragon quickly dropped and turned into example B: Almost dead pussy dragon.

Which took its sweet time regening only to turn into example C: Really dead pussy dragon.

Best part of this? Serverwide first! Now them be good times. He also had a few drops, grats alt druid and some recruits on them.

After that, cleared our RSS and then decided more dead dragons is the way to go. Forget fighting aliens, dragons is where its at. Off in TD where Fay used to be is Ragefire 2.0, and goddamn, I can solo the original but this one is a beast.  Didn't take long though, and another dragon's head was on the wall of our ever nifty new guild hall.

Grats druid alt on that loot too. So much h8 for leather.

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