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Dead Dragons Everywhere
« on: February 21, 2005, 12:45:52 AM »
Let me start out this little update by saying: Second serverwide first for BoW in less then a week. My e-penis is now so long I can slap Cth in the forehead from three zones away~

Now, with all of the people wanting to ban video game violence I feel that I should state we were justified in killing ol Rikk. Skaxx and the dragon were sharing a bowl of rice and generally hanging out. Being the asshole he is, Skaxx quickly pissed Rikk off who then spent a great deal of time insulting his parentage. Now, Skaxxy may be a bastard, but thats no reason to talk about his mom like that. Five eastern rolls around, and we head out to gank him. Form up/buff/charge/die... well.. never fear. Rez up/buff up/charge and looky what we did!

From this picture you can quite clearly see that despite Rikk's large size, he was actually hung much like a dorf. Most persons who suffer from small penii syndrome buy cool stuff to compensate. Usually, this takes the form of a sports car, but in Rikk's case it turned out more like this:

Grats to Zori and Cheena on the blunts, and Vuuduu picked up the legs. After looting up, we TLed out and continued our random acts of violence... err rightful revenge. Ture and Hanvar both croaked later on in the evening. Ture dropped Barraind a pally blade (I swear one day to have one) which he promptly made ghetto fabulous.

Yes, that is a CoA one-hander with a Vex Thal shield that hasn't dropped in forever. Apparently the gods of shields hate Barr almost as much as I do. Hanvar also dropped a knight one-hander, grats to Skaxx on picking up our first Morguecaller.

You may recognize the graphic on that blunt from such expansions as: Gates of Discord! Hey, here's a tip; Don't reuse graphics that sucked the first time they were put into the game. Use some of that cash you save by having the servers run by mice and hire a modeler.

Skaxx note:  And who the fuck is the genius that decided a 25 mana group proc was a good idea on the MC?  I'd love to meet that guy in a dark (or light, whatever) alley and show him what a pillowcase full of doorknobs feels like against his skull.

Your moment of Zen:

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